Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of Spot-Starts and Chasing Saves & Steals

Every year, there is always at least one category that I'm chasing. Most often than not, I end up not only never catching-up, but also ruining other statistics due to the desperation.

While chasing wins last year, I ended up absolutely exploding my ERA and WHIP - and went from a second place finish in 2007 to dead last in 2008. Sure, the no.1 overall pick is nice, but not when you've already traded away the pick hoping to win now. On Team Inchon, there is no tomorrow, only now.

The same win now mentality has prompted me to trade away all of my prospects - Lars Anderson, Andrew McCutchen, Matt LaPorta, and David Price - and my first round pick of next year. Yes, we are hanging on to the first place right now, but an injury here or a bad streak there and everything can fall apart.

In addition to having a solid everyday squad, one of the more risky business of fantasy baseball is spot-starting. Especially on days when there are just a handful of games and you'd like to see some action.

Kendry Morales at Rangers and Emilio Bonifacio at home against the Nationals worked out well, as they combined for 5/11, 3 R, 1 HR, and 3 RBI. I really wanted at least a steal from Bonifacio, but I had to be content with a run and a batted-in. Morales impressed with a dinger.

Speaking of steals, my plan of going with Podsednik may eventually backfire on me. I have benched Nelson Cruz - I won't get started on his major slump, for now - in favor of Pods and the result has been lukewarm. Sure, he's all right, but not amazing. He needs to swipe bags at double the current rate for me to be ecstatic about him.

Saves, saves, saves. After starting out way back in the pack in the category, I stand at bottom of the third tier, with about two to three points to be gained if my crew of new closers (and their teams) can get their act together.

Let me just say this: Thank God the Joe Beimel and Kip Wells disaster is over and we've all moved on.

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