Sunday, June 28, 2009

BA Slumpin'

Three days after I had the following IM exchange with a friend/competitor in my 10-team dynasty fantasy baseball league:
inchon x: d00d, weak: my ba went from like 286 to 280 in the past week
swishernotabellyitcher: bad slumpin
My team's BA went up six points.

The break-down of the week-long slump is highlighted below:
Bengie Molina: 5/25
Mark Reynolds: 3/28
Chase Utley: 5/26
Alex Rodriguez: 2/18
Derek Jeter: 5/23
Ryan Braun: 8/24
Ichiro: 13/31
Nelson Cruz: 4/25
In the past three days the starting lineup has combined for 12/26, 10/28, 19/43 (in reverse-chronological order), restoring the team BA to .286, where it was a week and a half ago.

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