Saturday, June 20, 2009

Frasor Frasor Frasor Why Why Why?!?!?!

As if it wasn't bad enough that Scott Downs went on the DL with a bum toe - any injuries that have to do with feet makes me feel very somber inside - Jason Frasor not only did not step-up to instill confidence in his ability to be the Toronto Blue Jay's interim closer, but he disgraced himself (along with my ERA and WHIP) with the following line:

0.1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 2 BBJason Frasor wonders why he's not throwing strikes

I turned on the game with the Jays hanging on, in the bottom of 11th, with one out and runners on first and second. I said to myself, "Please do not let it be Frasor."

Once feed came in from Washington DC, I saw number 54 on the mound. "No," I said. As my futile word was heard by no one, Frasor completed issuing his second walk of the inning, to loaded the bases for . . . Adam Dunn.

"Double play," I muttered. Then I stared chanting, "Dou-ble play. Dou-ble play."

I was determined to will Frasor through this inning without tarnishing any more of my fantasy baseball statistics with my Dou-ble Play Chant.

Frasor issues the second base on balls of the inningTwo swinging strikes for an 0-2 count. "Is the chant working?" Too early to tell! Do not jinx it!

As soon as the third pitch of the at-bat ricocheted off Dunn's lumber down the first base line, past Lyle Overbay, I reached for the trackball. Game over. Next game.

I regretted plugging in Frasor and benching Mike MacDougal - in a partially reactionary move after Frasor's 0.1 IP victory the night before - and felt let down by Frasor. How the hell do you come into an extra-inning ballgame and start issuing walks like you're a parking meter attendant desperate to make quota?

As hard as the 27.00 ERA and 12.00 WHIP was to swallow, I had to be thankful that the game was in Washington and the Nationals needed only the lone run to end the game. Mercy. Thank you.

Do I flip the switch tonight and bench Frasor in favor of MacDougal? Battle of young arms of the 2007 draft in DC, as Cecil returns to the Jays rotation and Detwiler vies for his first career MLB win. Impossible to predict for sure.
Chad Billingsley joins the BB2LB (base on balls to load bases) Club
On a related note, the grand return of Jeremy Accardo continued, as he tossed two innings of shut-out ball while striking out four and giving up a hit and base on balls. What is Cito thinking? Accardo or Frasor? God forbid, not B.J. Ryan, right?

In addition to the Frasor failure, Chad Billingsley crumbled in the sixth inning at Anaheim, capping yet another rough outing versus the Angels. Of course I should've benched Billingsley: Angels hosting the Dodgers while toting a gaudy .350 BA and having knocked around Billingsley at Dodger Stadium last time around.

Fantasy baseball issues all-around. Down 3.5 points to 68.5, dropping two spots from the top of the standings, trailing by 4.5 points.

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