Tuesday, June 23, 2009


With just four games on the MLB schedule on Monday - one of them being a make-up game for the Cubs and Braves (with most of the Cubs starters sitting) - I grabbed Skip Schumaker and Kahlil Greene for some plug and play action on Sunday.

Being a handful of games behind in 2B and SS - with Chase Utley and Derek Jeter getting breathers here and there - I figured that the St. Louis middle infielders, with the Cardinals offensive rolling (39 runs in the past three games) could help.

I picked up Kahlil Greene before the season started, during the league's free agent and rookie draft, thinking the move from the spacious PETCO Park and to Busch Stadium would do Greene some good.

Wrong. But I'm guessing this social anxiety disorder issue with Greene has probably always existed, back in San Diego, and even prior. Most mental/social issues don't just manifest all of a sudden in your mid-twenties.

Schumaker and Greene combined for two hits in seven at-bats, and notching an RBI and a run, respectively. Fine. But nothing exciting. Yawn.

Is it so horrible that at times I feel like baseball action is the only thing I look forward to on a given day?

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