Thursday, July 2, 2009

Winless on Team Inchon

Trick Question: How many wins do you get on Team Inchon when your staff and 'pen combines for the following line on the day?

22.2 IP, 24 K, 2.38 ERA, and 1.15 WHIP
Answer: None.

Yeah, you saw that one coming.

I was confident with my calls of giving out starting nods to Yovani Gallardo hosting the lowly Mets, Justin Verlander at Oakland, and Matt Cain at St. Louis.

Sure, Cain in Cardinals land could have been rather ugly, but after looking at the head-to-head numbers, I was compelled to proceed forward with his start.

I knew the Verlander call could be a mistake, based on the home-road splits and the general pesky nature of the Athletics, but once again, I couldn't bare the thought of a Verlander gem on the bench.

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