Saturday, May 1, 2010

Start or Sit: Matt Cain vs Rockies

Despite the San Francisco starting Matt Cain's great career numbers against Colorado Rockies, a peek at his game log from last yearmakes me reconsider giving Cain the green light.

After relatively cruising through the first four starts, Cain seemingly hit a wall with the Rockies in town.

Then at Coors, less than a week after the pounding he took in SF, he totally shutdown the Rockies.

This year, Cain's also relatively cruised through the first four starts of the season. Will Rockies eat him up again in SF?

I don't know. Cain is unpredictable. But I'm sticking with him.

Yes, there's a chance that the SF bats will not show up again for Cain, but it's a chance I'm willing to take, since only Troy Tulowitzki and Ian Stewart can hit Cain.

Start or sit? Start with slight trepidation.

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